Jayda Jeon


Vocalist Jayda Jeon is a highly polished singer; classically trained piano player and songwriter. Growing up in Seoul, South Korea, she was a K-Pop studio vocalist as a teen. Jayda studied classical singing from a well known professor at Ewha Woman’s University in central Seoul. It is the world’s largest female educational institute. In 2006 she studied with Yeong-Jun, of the popular Korean R&B band, ‘Brown Eyed Soul’ who have released 3 albums in Korea. In 2009 she studied classic composition at the University of Suwon. Since coming to the United States Jayda has performed with several bands in Southern CA as well as continuing her musical education. In 2012 she collaborated with successful composer and producer Joey Carbone and they co-composed the song “Twinkle Twinkle A.B.C.-Z” for the Japanese boy band A.B.C.-Z out of Tokyo on Pony Canyon Records (a major leader in the Japanese music industry). The song was released on DVD along with a video in 2013.

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